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What Do Computers Do In Modern Cars?

computers in cars

These days, there is hardly anything left for which we all are not using the computers. Now the latest automobiles are also coming with the technology of computers. The competition in the automobile industry has increased. And every automobile company is trying to bring a new and modern car model with different facilities that can make one’s journey easier. The modern technology has taken the automotive industry to the next level. There are many advanced features available in modern cars these days. People would not have even thought of the things which are changed in a modern car to make it better using computer technology. The computerization has completely changed how the cars used to work and how we can operate them or how we can make maximum utilization of computers for the functioning of the cars. Let’s know what computers can do in modern cars. 

ABS System

If you drive the car regularly, and know about different features of the car, you must be aware of the ABS also. It is known as the Automatic Braking System. These days most of the modern cars have the ABS feature in them. ABS feature is one of the computerized features which helps save one from the crash. Many times, it happens that we are not being able to apply the car brakes suddenly, and it can lead to a big accident or crash. So, during this time, when we are not able to respond to the braking quickly, the Automatic Braking System helps to put the brake for you by taking over the car’s computer. This is helpful for our safety during such accidents. 


No one ever thought of having a TV or a desktop in the car before. As cars were only considered as one of the transportation modes. However, these days, cars are not just limited as a transportation mode. These days people can enjoy their journey in the car, no matter how long they have to travel. The modern desktops attached at the back seat is helpful for the entertainment purpose. Be it the kids or the adults, anyone can make use of the modern car desktop. These car desktops have different features in them. Like they have games, movie players, and song players in them. Apart from these things, car desktops are also helpful for checking the GPS. Some of these modern car desktops have Bluetooth also, so you can easily transfer files and can view them on the car desktop. More and more the applications that are available on all of our smart devices are becoming available on our cars. Imagine swiping through Tinder or finding a local fuck buddy on a dating app while you were in you car. Hopefully by that point the car would be driving itself.

Backup Cameras

Earlier, people used to see any vehicle in the rear-view mirror of the car. But now, technology has improved this feature. So, instead of looking at things in the rear-view mirror, there are backup cameras. These backup cameras are not just helpful in driving the car. But they are also helpful in parking the car or while moving the car backward. During the car parking, when one parks the car and when one takes the car out from the parking area or the driveways, these backup cameras are really helpful. These are also one of the safety measures for the cars, as they can save one from the accidents during the drive. 

Computed car control features

The modern cars which are coming in the market these days have a variety of computed car control features. And these features are good for both the car safety and for our comfort. Like the car security systems, which enables the sound when someone tries to touch your car. Or the keyless car entry feature, where the sensors get enables by pressing the button and unlocks or locks the car. Other than these computed car control features, there are few more like motorized seats, audio systems, climate control systems, and many others. 

Proper Diagnosis

You must be thinking about how can the car computers help in diagnosing the problems in the car. You should know that there are microprocessors and sensors in modern vehicles. And these sensors help in detecting the many problems that occur in the car like the fuel flow, airflow, heated seating, braking power, and many other such problems.


The computers in modern cars are really of great help, as they increase both the comfort and safety of the car. After reading what all computer cars can do, we are sure you also would like to buy a modern car with all these features.