2021 Car Trends

The second most information driven field in the entire world is automotive. With the enhancement and growth in the innovation of mobile and IoT offers the producers in collecting large amounts of data about the driver and the places they are taking. It is also possible to track the patterns of traffic and also predicts the management of the change in the oil. This is only one side of the trend, still there are different types of car trends in the present year of 2021. Let’s find the new trends of the cars in the recent year.

Autonomous vehicle operations:

The trend of using the autonomous vehicles is being continued with the growth in different innovations. Many of the companies are trying to bring new trends of cars into the market in 2021. They are working on things even before the customer is going to purchase their vehicle of automation. But the revolution taking place in this space will be shown in the upcoming year. Many of the manufacturers of cars are anticipating for hearing the bigger news for the development of autonomous vehicles.

Shorter model cycles:

The actual pressure is in digitizing about adding the fresh highlights in a digital way for each car. It also mentions that the lifecycle of car in an average is about lifecycle of modelling innovation with the drivers who trade up with fresh innovation as it is accessible. It means the industry of automotive produces the shorter model cycle on an average of about five to eight years to one to two years. There are many speculations regarding the shorter model cycles but it is entirely impossible and the car manufacturers are required to go with the change happening in the trends of automotive industry.

Predictive maintenance:

In the recent days, the vehicles are capable in pulling the information in multitudes and transport it to the cloud for processing of the data. It alerts the driver regarding the issues which are potential and that may become an experience in the upcoming days. The alerts are about taillight, engine trouble, or faulty brakes etc. The maintenance of your vehicle in a predictive way is proven as the feature which is valuable that it lead to the increase of about thirty percent in uptime from truck drivers or car drivers.

Customized driving experience:

With the internet of things and AI, driving of the cars is going to turn into a personal thing. Just imagine yourself that you are adjusting the seat of your car, air conditioning every time a fresh driver enters inside the car, and adjusting the mirror etc. Your car will be connected with all of the apps on your mobile device. Picture using your voice assistant to find free sex near me and then autonomously driving you to meet your new fuck buddy. Think about customizing your car with AI can make your alert when you feel sleepy or read your actual mood. It is something which can make you more comfortable and road you drive on seems safer.


The collection of huge amounts of information from the drivers in a rental car at any time is not good. As it requires security of the data which seems to become the main priority for both the drivers and manufacturers in a likely manner. The research also shows that many of the drivers don’t have any idea about various vehicle parts involving breaks, steering, engine, and key fob which seems to be more hackable. If the hackers can utilize the printers for accessing your information, then just think what will be the outcome of using your car. You might have observed many campaigns educating about the automotive connectivity for the push of manufacturers for making the security of the data an important thing.

Remote upgrades:

Just think if you don’t require a stop inside your mechanic shop all the time the light of check engine in your vehicle gets switched on. Utilizing the access of remote innovation in your car. The manufacturers can easily capable to offer updates of technology, recall the data, or safety updates without necessary to step in the location of repair for any damage of your vehicle.

Best experience of customer in the car:

The voice control and navigations systems of control in many of the vehicles were not up to the mark. Many of them might have experienced about giving commands to your vehicle and it used to take five more minutes to get the car do what you actually want it to perform. Many of the organizations are enhancing the experience by utilizing the systems like apple car play which will shows what’s on your iPhone. Also making it to create a seamless transition among the car and phone.

Enhanced buying experience of car:

Many of them struggle to buy a new car as it is important to consider many things like budget, features, and price of the car etc. It consumes lots of time to think about all these things and buying the car which is perfect for you. But with the new trend of technologies, the purchasing procedure seems to be simpler and easier. Many of the virtual dealers are helping the customers to customize their own car, spare some money, and space etc.

The Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla cyber truck is the vehicle which runs on the battery. It is a vehicle of light commercial which was developed by the Tesla organization. It is normally a stainless steel, an angular and electric pickup design which became polarizing directly. It is made with similar alloy of stainless steel with batteries of lithium ion. The software and hardware are built in it for self-driving and there is a solar roof choice which helps in boosting the range of cyber truck. It is also a truck which is bulletproof one and can automatically adjust its height. Contrasted with other non-electric cars this truck has efficiency which is inherent. This vehicle is created with the suspension of an adaptive air that can be lowered and raised four inches in either of the ways. A new customized interface is planted with the seventeen inches touchscreen on its dashboard which is the keeper. And exactly six adults can fit in this cyber truck. There is a presence of an on-board compressor. The outlet is present which enables the users for running the power devices or just for charging their laptops by taking electricity form the pack of battery. It is of about fourteen thousand pounds capacity. The cabin of cybertruck is massive to charge it with electricity.

What are the different cool highlights of Tesla cyber truck?

The Tesla cyber truck consists of many highlights which turns it into a super truck. Let’s look at the various cool features of Tesla cyber truck to know its importance.

Armored glass:

The glass of Tesla cyber truck which is armored is produced with armor glass of Tesla. This armored glass is impenetrable so it is a bulletproof vehicle which can safeguard during any type of dangers or attacks.

Built in ultra-hard 30x cold rolled stainless steel:

It is constructed inside with an ultra-hard 30X stainless steel which will be soon utilized for the super spaceship of the starship. It is a strong steel which can make it withstand to strong powers like wind and water.

Durable shell to damage, corrosion, and dents:

The manufacturer made it in a way such that the shell which is durable protects the truck from corrosion, damage, and dents.

800 kms range:

In a single charge, it offers about range of 800 kms speed with a tri motor of top end. The dual and single motor provides the 400 km and 480 km range of speed progressively.

Configurations of three engines:

This vehicle is in the market with the option of three engines one is single motor real wheel drive, dual motor all wheel drive, and tri motor all wheel drive.

Tri motor trim:

The electric pickup of tri motor accelerates at the speed of 0-60 mph in about seconds of 2.9.

Capacity of payload and towing:

This cyber truck provides the capacity of payload up to three thousand five hundred pounds. It provides the capacity of towing of about fourteen thousand pounds.

Lockable cargo region:

The bed of carbo area is about hundred cubic feet which measures 6.5 foot in length where six people can easily fit inside the truck and this cargo area is lockable.

Onboard power sockets and adaptive air suspension:

It offers the power sockets of 120- and 240-volt power along with the compressor which is on board and a suspension of an adaptive air.

These are the cool highlights of the Tesla cyber truck and its significance of becoming a super truck.

Future Possibilities for Computers in Cars

Earlier, cars and other vehicles were automotive transport system wherein people and goods were carried from one place to another. They did this mainly with the help of combustion engines and basic gear system that was essentially mechanical. Natural oil became the sole propellant for these combustion engines. Later on, innovation and constant upgrades drove these crude engines to transform into high end automobiles that not only save fuel cost, but also became hybrid using a variety of fuels like petrol, diesel, natural gas and other bio-fuels. It became quite clear that the future of automobiles which includes cars and all other vehicles wouldn’t be the same again.

Presently, the world is witnessing dynamic changes in all factors that cars are being designed and manufactured. Apart from more fuel efficiency research is being conducted to make them more human friendly with digitalization and computer controlled model being in the forefront of research and development of all future cars.

Computer Embedded Car Systems

The future is for cars embedded with computer system. This means that there is no need for stressful driving to do, but you simply remain alert behind the driving wheel with a range of gadgets and technology to do your other works. Although there is still a lot of researches to do in this area some leading car manufacturers have already started to make a foolproof built-in-system with gadgets and mobile connectivity for future cars that care for human drivers.

When we say computerization it doesn’t mean the mechanical machineries that make a car, but rather for bringing about robust and safe changes for overall efficiency of the vehicle through a system of connectivity through the help of a set of hardware and software. Literally, this means that the car may be driver driven, yet the whole control and the entire operation rests on the abilities and specific inputs of its automated gadgets.

When such cars are driven there is little to no stress on the part of drivers when they need to apply sudden breaks or slow down at a particular traffic signal as the cars are embedded with features that give out forewarnings and may even transmit message to the mechanical system to stop or slow.

Already automobile manufacturers from world over have undertaken huge research and many cars too have been rolled out. Notable names of those that are on top of this chain of technological change for car of the future includes, General Motors, Tesla, VW, Volvo, BMW, Benz and even Hyundai, Kia, Toyota and Nissan.

Artificial Intelligence and High End Connectivity

artificial intelligence in cars

Future cars would scale to higher levels as far as deeper connectivity and digitization is concerned. Currently, most modern cars have more or less become smart devices yet not quite enough. You find increasing reliance on your soft touches especially on the screen before you while driving so that you feel less worried even if you were to shift your eyes away from the front for a few seconds. This means the digital network within the car has the capacities to sound alarm and even slow down your car should an emergency situation arises.

However, there is still a long way to travel. In future though most technologically driven cars would be connected with WiFi and iTunes and have a host of application. For instance, voice recognition by car’s computer would enable you to drive and stop the car with just your voice alone. In future a scream from you may set off alarms to other cars driving on your sides or at back or front.

In many countries you may find such smart self driven cars that needn’t have any humans control them. The whole mechanism is controlled by computer and smart digitalization. Even those future cars that are in need of drivers would have a system that create more driver awareness and automated safety features and extraordinary comfort seating including automatic temperature control and other systems. For instance, a smart car of the future may even start to connect with other vehicles near to it at some prescribed distances and exchange different road conditions and other issues through WiFi.

Structural Changes in Design and Mechanisms

Cars of the future may be driven only with the help of petrol, gas or hybrid fuels and even bio-fuels. There may be different drastic changes in design and manufacturing structures of automobile industry on the whole. Most designs would be eco-friendly and would give maximum thrust to fuel efficiency. However, there is yet another structural change that automobile sector would have to necessitate. This is that of electrically driven cars where the whole concept of engineering to digitalization would need to be way different from that of the other fuel driven cars.

Here, in electric vehicles the concept is vastly different hence the whole production line right from design stage to manufacturing and marketing would be different. In the distant future, say around 2030s you may find cars that have simultaneous production technologies side by side. Naturally, this would make car production expensive yet as traditional fuel cars would undergo rapid changes either in high fuel efficiency the battery operated ones would be burrowing into the market that were hitherto meant only for fuel driven cars.

Both these technologies side by side would pave way for better and more affordable smart cars than what anyone has been able to predict. Undoubtedly, the fuel driven cars of today would need to transform itself into much higher level in order to beat the electrically driven cars

Possibilities of Green Friendly Cars

In the future as stated earlier the possibilities of green eco-friendly car would be a reality. As you know already, the electrical car would revolutionize the way we think and dream of cars. There will be undoubtedly technologies from all fronts embedded into the car. For instance, most future cars would have internet access through enabling the smart phone and tethering it into its system. Of course, this may mean big investment yet in the long run the cost would be recovered due to huge demand for these vehicles.

Apart from all above, there is yet another type of car that may find its foothold in the future. This is the solar powered car and although not much has been told about it there is little doubt that another ground breaking technological thrust would make the solar cars a dream come true for buyers.

Computer Aided Cars Vs. Non Computer Aided Cars

The introduction of computer technology in machines has done a great job in enhancing efficiency. Driving a computer aided car is relatively easy since technology has introduced systems that are unheard of and have brought efficiency.


The history of internal combustion dates back to 10 centuries back and it has come along away. Internal combustion engine back then were not aided by computers however they served there function very well. Come the 20th century and computer systems were introduced into the internal combustion engine. Today, car engines are computerized making use of both hardware and software for their operation. This has made the engines quicker.

All engine operations of a computer aided car is controlled by an engine control module. This module is responsible for the smooth running of engines. In case there are any mechanical problems with the engine then the computerized system will let the driver know. This contradicts the traditional engines of non-aided computer cars. The only challenge with the computerized system is its inability to sense its own breakdown. Nonetheless, drivers who have experience with computer aided cars are well aware whenever the computer system is experiencing problems.


The issue of safety and stability is a major challenge with non-computer aided cars. The cars are prone to accidents due to malfunctioning of their breaking system as well as inefficiency and accuracy. With the introduction of technology, stability controls and antilock brakes have done a great job in reducing the number of fatal accidents.


Automation of cars has revolutionized almost every part of the automobile right from controls to steering and speed. The opening and closing of the doors has been have been automated with state of art systems. The steering of the vehicle is very stable and the speed checks are very accurate. Every part of the car is controlled by a computer system including temperature controls as well the auto driving to some extent. With an automated car you have all the information you need to know about your car at the palm of your fingertips. The car will warn you in case the tires are under inflated, when the fuel is insufficient in case there are any hazards in front of you. Driving and servicing has been made possible through the automation. These cars will alert the owner when the service period is due. Virtually everything that was done manually is now computerized. Also included is the ability to run apps accessing the car’s computer. Imagine being able to access dating apps or adult forums like tnaboard while driving a completely automated vehicle.

Transmission control

Transmission and control is another aspect of automated cars that has made driving easy. Automated transmission ensures that power generated from the system is transmitted to the wheels in the most appropriate manner. Another module is the drive-train that controls the transmission and engine of the car. Body control module controls the windows, mirrors and power locks.

Computer aided cars are a better option compared to the non-computer aided cars. However, there are instances where these cars have fallen short of their expectations. Nonetheless, computers are expected to be an essential part of cars in the future.

What Do Computers Do In Modern Cars?

computers in cars

These days, there is hardly anything left for which we all are not using the computers. Now the latest automobiles are also coming with the technology of computers. The competition in the automobile industry has increased. And every automobile company is trying to bring a new and modern car model with different facilities that can make one’s journey easier. The modern technology has taken the automotive industry to the next level. There are many advanced features available in modern cars these days. People would not have even thought of the things which are changed in a modern car to make it better using computer technology. The computerization has completely changed how the cars used to work and how we can operate them or how we can make maximum utilization of computers for the functioning of the cars. Let’s know what computers can do in modern cars. 

ABS System

If you drive the car regularly, and know about different features of the car, you must be aware of the ABS also. It is known as the Automatic Braking System. These days most of the modern cars have the ABS feature in them. ABS feature is one of the computerized features which helps save one from the crash. Many times, it happens that we are not being able to apply the car brakes suddenly, and it can lead to a big accident or crash. So, during this time, when we are not able to respond to the braking quickly, the Automatic Braking System helps to put the brake for you by taking over the car’s computer. This is helpful for our safety during such accidents. 


No one ever thought of having a TV or a desktop in the car before. As cars were only considered as one of the transportation modes. However, these days, cars are not just limited as a transportation mode. These days people can enjoy their journey in the car, no matter how long they have to travel. The modern desktops attached at the back seat is helpful for the entertainment purpose. Be it the kids or the adults, anyone can make use of the modern car desktop. These car desktops have different features in them. Like they have games, movie players, and song players in them. Apart from these things, car desktops are also helpful for checking the GPS. Some of these modern car desktops have Bluetooth also, so you can easily transfer files and can view them on the car desktop. More and more the applications that are available on all of our smart devices are becoming available on our cars. Imagine swiping through Tinder or finding a local fuck buddy on a dating app while you were in you car. Hopefully by that point the car would be driving itself.

Backup Cameras

Earlier, people used to see any vehicle in the rear-view mirror of the car. But now, technology has improved this feature. So, instead of looking at things in the rear-view mirror, there are backup cameras. These backup cameras are not just helpful in driving the car. But they are also helpful in parking the car or while moving the car backward. During the car parking, when one parks the car and when one takes the car out from the parking area or the driveways, these backup cameras are really helpful. These are also one of the safety measures for the cars, as they can save one from the accidents during the drive. 

Computed car control features

The modern cars which are coming in the market these days have a variety of computed car control features. And these features are good for both the car safety and for our comfort. Like the car security systems, which enables the sound when someone tries to touch your car. Or the keyless car entry feature, where the sensors get enables by pressing the button and unlocks or locks the car. Other than these computed car control features, there are few more like motorized seats, audio systems, climate control systems, and many others. 

Proper Diagnosis

You must be thinking about how can the car computers help in diagnosing the problems in the car. You should know that there are microprocessors and sensors in modern vehicles. And these sensors help in detecting the many problems that occur in the car like the fuel flow, airflow, heated seating, braking power, and many other such problems.


The computers in modern cars are really of great help, as they increase both the comfort and safety of the car. After reading what all computer cars can do, we are sure you also would like to buy a modern car with all these features.