Month: February 2019

Computer Aided Cars Vs. Non Computer Aided Cars

The introduction of computer technology in machines has done a great job in enhancing efficiency. Driving a computer aided car is relatively easy since technology has introduced systems that are unheard of and have brought efficiency.


The history of internal combustion dates back to 10 centuries back and it has come along away. Internal combustion engine back then were not aided by computers however they served there function very well. Come the 20th century and computer systems were introduced into the internal combustion engine. Today, car engines are computerized making use of both hardware and software for their operation. This has made the engines quicker.

All engine operations of a computer aided car is controlled by an engine control module. This module is responsible for the smooth running of engines. In case there are any mechanical problems with the engine then the computerized system will let the driver know. This contradicts the traditional engines of non-aided computer cars. The only challenge with the computerized system is its inability to sense its own breakdown. Nonetheless, drivers who have experience with computer aided cars are well aware whenever the computer system is experiencing problems.


The issue of safety and stability is a major challenge with non-computer aided cars. The cars are prone to accidents due to malfunctioning of their breaking system as well as inefficiency and accuracy. With the introduction of technology, stability controls and antilock brakes have done a great job in reducing the number of fatal accidents.


Automation of cars has revolutionized almost every part of the automobile right from controls to steering and speed. The opening and closing of the doors has been have been automated with state of art systems. The steering of the vehicle is very stable and the speed checks are very accurate. Every part of the car is controlled by a computer system including temperature controls as well the auto driving to some extent. With an automated car you have all the information you need to know about your car at the palm of your fingertips. The car will warn you in case the tires are under inflated, when the fuel is insufficient in case there are any hazards in front of you. Driving and servicing has been made possible through the automation. These cars will alert the owner when the service period is due. Virtually everything that was done manually is now computerized. Also included is the ability to run apps accessing the car’s computer. Imagine being able to access dating apps or adult forums like tnaboard while driving a completely automated vehicle.

Transmission control

Transmission and control is another aspect of automated cars that has made driving easy. Automated transmission ensures that power generated from the system is transmitted to the wheels in the most appropriate manner. Another module is the drive-train that controls the transmission and engine of the car. Body control module controls the windows, mirrors and power locks.

Computer aided cars are a better option compared to the non-computer aided cars. However, there are instances where these cars have fallen short of their expectations. Nonetheless, computers are expected to be an essential part of cars in the future.