The original 1967 DeTomaso Vallelunga Spyder

The 2002 DeTomaso Pantera Prototipo by Gandini

June 30, 2000. Modena, Italy, P.I. Exclusive. We are very pleased to announce to the DeTomaso enthusiast community that the DeTomaso factory is alive with activity and excitement as two, that is right, two new cars are well underway and will be shown as first, prototypes, followed by production models. The best news is that both cars are destined for the U.S. as well as the rest of the world markets.

The DeTomaso factory is alive and well as new cars are planned in the immediate future.

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The vision of the founder, Alejandro DeTomaso is carried forward and amplified in these two new, mid-engined, 2 seater sports cars. The car that will enter production first is a new Vallelunga. As shown in these photographs of the first Vallelunga show car, which was a roadster and the eventual production coupe, the new Vallelunga will build upon the original theme. It was  originally not revealed how many cylinders the new Vallelunga will have or the horsepower range. However, we have been advised that the engine will be a 4 cylinder with approximately 170 horsepower. The engine will not be supplied by Ford. Further details will be forthcoming. The designer is Scalabrone.

The 2001 Vallelunga will enter the market as an affordable sports car that will compete with other affordable sports cars rather than positioned against more costly, established marques. The key word here is, “affordable”. Like the original Vallelunga, the new car will offer distinctive Italian styling, an American engine and terrific performance. Simplicity, elegant design and precise handling. The new Vallelunga will first be shown this September and will be debuted at the Paris Auto Show. You can bet P.I. will be there and will report every detail to our community. The manufacturer of the engine has not been announced at this time, however, contract negotiations are very close to being concluded.

Following the Vallelunga into production will be the 2002 DeTomaso Pantera. It is understood that the next Pantera will also be mid-engined and a 2 seater as well. The engine manufacturer has not been announced at this time, but is expected to be the same provider as for the Vallelunga. The price of the next Pantera will be competitive with other exotics and oh yes, the next Pantera will be an exotic. An automobile that will run indecently fast. The goal of the factory is to make the Panther the performance leader in the segment along with the still valid formula of relying on dependable and economic American power. The car will rub shoulders dynamically with the other exotics from Modena, dynamically and aesthetically. It is unknown if the new Pantera will be powered by a V8. Our focus group comments that we obtained earlier this year leaned towards a V8. Your comments will be submitted to the factory for their review.

The DeTomaso factory has just launched their own website at: www.DeTomaso.It. As the site becomes fully functional, you should be able to learn more details on the new cars. Additional good news is that Mr. DeTomaso’s health is stable and every Wednesday, he visits his factory and oversees all operations. Every executive decision is still made by the founder and his mind is still very sharp. Santiago DeTomaso is also involved in operations as well.

Our hope is that the DeTomaso factory will stay true to its original mission statement of 1971 by building affordable sportscars, real live 2 seater, mid-engine cars in the spirit of the Pantera. It is a stroke of genius to target the entry level or better market segment with Italian styling and American performance in the Vallelunga. Let the public be able to purchase a car of provacative design and invigorating performance and they will begin saving their dollars to move up to the new Pantera. We have already begun.

David and Linda Adler

Directors, Pantera International

Further details and photographs will appear in the Fall 2000 issue of Pantera International.

Further details and photographs will appear in the Fall 2000 issue of Pantera International.  Click here for membership information.

If you would like to make any suggestions, comments or put your name on an information list, you may email us and we will pass the information along to the factory.


This Vallelunga coupe is owned by famed automotive stylist Tom Matano, a PI member who designed the Mazda Miata

The rear of the recently restored Vallelunga, one-off, Spyder show car which is now displayed at the DeTomaso factory.

The front end of the Spyder differs from production cars. Don't you think it resembles the Camaro front end?

A cross section of the original Spyder chassis. The engine was from a Cortina and the transmission was a split case VW Transporter with special DeTomaso gears.

Original factory blue print of the spine frame chassis. Very light and race car inspired.


The new Pantera is shown with its headlight doors closed.


The headlight doors retract exposing the high intensity halogen lamps.


The new Pantera is obviously quite low and wide. The blisters over the wheel wells look like those on the Audi TT

The rear view reminds us the most of the early Pantera with the sail panels and upswept exhaust pipes.

We hope that a Ford V8, 10 or 12 will be hooked to these pipes. Unusual tail lamp configuration and design.

Something we haven't seen before are the retracting mirrors. Note also location of gasoline door.

The rocker panels are graced with this intake scoop, hopefully that will direct cool air to the massive drilled rotors.

With the mirror in operating position. Nice idea.

Close up of the prototipo's wheels. Can there be any question that Mr. Gandini designed this car? Do you favor this look?

The DeTomaso factory is interested in learning our reaction to their bold new plans. If you would like to offer your advice, suggestions, criticism or applause, please participate in our Pantera International Focus Group. Simply click here and add your 2 cents!

special thanks to Crister Lofstrum and Bjorn Carlsson  for the new Pantera and restored Vallelunga photographs.

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