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Dennis Antenucci earns Best Modified, Best Paint and the Frank Gerum Memorial Trophy at the 2000 Concorso Italiano, 
festa DeTomaso Presentation. Jointly presented by Pantera International and the Pantera Owner's Club of America.

curtpant.jpg (22300 bytes)
Artwork by Curt Toumanian

From the Land Down Under GT5
Laslo Antal of Australia earned Best of Show Honors in July of 1999 with this stunning GT5

Group 4 Racing Pantera
PI Member, Tom Upton of  Texas races this Group IV SCCA Pantera

welchshow.jpg (29906 bytes)

Randy Welch of Tracy, California's concours Pantera. Note rare "single slot" wheels

2guara.jpg (22015 bytes)

Stephane Poux of Paris, France sent us this photograph of 2 Guaras, a Barchetta and a coupe.

stephgoos.jpg (22957 bytes)

A Mangusta poses in front of the Concorde in Paris - Stephane Poux photo

goranhem.jpg (24915 bytes)

Rare artwork provided by Goran Malmberg of Sweden-Hemi Pantera-Lightning Strikes!

grp4step.jpg (26723 bytes)

A Group IV Pantera is gridded at the 1995 Tour De France Race driven by Mr. Jean Graziani

coppant.jpg (29548 bytes)

Do you seriously believe you could outrun a Pantera 200 squad car? Stephane Poux photo

bestlongchmp.jpg (35229 bytes)

Mr. Lars Holgersson of Australia races this rare Longchamp GTS in Historic Rallye Events

purpleone.jpg (20321 bytes)

Gary and Bev Hall 1998 Pantera International Hall of Fame winning Pantera, "Purple Passion"

whippy.jpg (21920 bytes)

Linda Adler at the wheel of PI mascot "Whiplash" at the 1996 Palm Springs GP

gal1.jpg (18615 bytes)
Panteras at Laguna Seca Raceway- Pantera International Pantera Corral

1971 Pantera Robert Shewchuk

gal2.jpg (18453 bytes)
The late Gary Wilson's GT5. The first Pantera inducted into the PI Hall of Fame

gal3.jpg (10989 bytes)
La Dolce Vita Mangusta. The first deTomaso Automobile to win the People's Choice Award
at the Concours Italiano, Monterey 1995

gal4.jpg (16616 bytes)

gal5.jpg (14802 bytes)

gal6.jpg (16508 bytes)

gal7.jpg (16102 bytes)
Goran Malmberg's 426 Chrysler Hemi Powered GT5 from Sweden

gal8.jpg (14517 bytes)
At the deTomaso factory, Modena, Italy. Marcel Schaub's Vallelunga
in the foreground and deTomaso Mangusta Numero Uno-the very first built.

gal9.jpg (19245 bytes)
The last Pantera 200 built and sold to the public. One of 3 Spyders.

gal10.jpg (14235 bytes)

gal11.jpg (16530 bytes)

gal13.jpg (18708 bytes)

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